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Services for Organisations

Presentations and Workshops

We offer a variety of presentation topics and formats, across a wide range of topics and issues of importance to autistic people. This includes general awareness/information about autism; specific topics in detail (such as sensory sensitivities, communication challenges, supporting autistic people in the workplace); and tailored presentations and workshops to suit your specific information needs. 

PRICE: $500-$1000 for a one-hour session (including Q&A); longer sessions or series of sessions by negotiation

Tailored Supports

With a combination of lived experience in a range of education, employment, healthcare and service access and decades of research with autistic people, Sandra is able to provide comprehensive advice to individuals (eg supervisors, doctors) and organisations (schools, universities, workplaces, hospitals) on how to better support autistic people.

PRICE: $350 per 60-minute session

Education and Advocacy Materials

We can provide a range of education and advocacy materials tailored to your specific needs and audience. This includes: newsletter items, letters, brochures, posters, videos and other resources.

PRICE: by negotiation

Document Review

Are your resources and materials autism-friendly? Is the language you use appropriate and respectful? Is the content understandable and accessible? Is the information correct? With extensive experience as a writer communicating to a range of audiences, and a team of autistic people from different walks of life, Sandra can provide a comprehensive review of your communication materials and suggestions for improvement.

PRICE: by negotiation


With over 20 years’ experience as an academic, advocate and manager,  Sandra has an extensive knowledge of ways to support organisations in developing policies, processes and cultures that are supportive and inclusive for autistic staff and clients. She can provide a range of services to support the needs of your organisation.

PRICE: by negotiation

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