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Academic Publications

NOTE: Some of these articles will use terminology that is now seen as outdated, inappropriate or offensive (including person-first language and functioning labels).

Please remember that they were written at a point of time when these were the accepted terminology and followed the requirements of the academic journal they were submitted to.


Representation of autism in fictional media

Advice for Autistic People Considering a Career in Academia

Autistics working in academia: What are the barriers and facilitators?​

Perception of the portrayal of autism in Netflix’s Atypical within the autism community


Hey look, I’m (not) on TV: Autistic people reflect on autism portrayals in entertainment media

Exploring environmental barriers and facilitators to inclusion on a university campus for autistic students​

Measuring the wrong thing the right way? Time to rethink autism research tools

Inclusion, Exclusion and Isolation of Autistic People: Community Attitudes and Autistic People's Experiences


Autism in Australia: Community knowledge and autistic people’s experiences

Let's Talk About Autistic Autism Researchers (Guest Editorial)

An Expert Roundtable Discussion on Experiences of Autistic Autism Researchers


Defending the ‘I’ in tribe (Book Chapter)


‘Coming out’ with Autism: Identity in People with an Asperger’s Diagnosis after DSM-5


Discourses of autism on film: An analysis of memorable images that create definition

Families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Roles and responsibilities of adolescent sisters


Personal Constructivist Approach for investigating the patterns of dependency of adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Case study of two families


The perceptions and experiences of adolescent boys with autism spectrum disorder: A personal construct psychology perspective


Authentic representations or stereotyped ‘outliers’: using the CARS2 to assess film portrayals of Autism Spectrum Disorders


Qualitative research with families living with autism spectrum disorders: Recommendations for conducting semi-structured interviews


Being a girl in a boys' world:  Investigating the Experiences of Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorders during Adolescence


Understanding high functioning autism during adolescence: A personal construct theory approach


Family focused Autism Spectrum Disorder research: A review of the utility of family systems approaches



Representations of autism in Australian print media

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