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Autistic Researchers Researching Autism

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather those autism researchers I am aware of who are (and have disclosed as) autistic.
If you are an autistic autism researcher and you would like to be included on this list, please contact us so we can add you.

Sara Acevedo, Miami University

Elesia Ashkenazy, AASPIRE

Amanda Baggs

Hanna Bertilsdotter Rosqvist, Sodertorn University

Rebecca Freeman Barnett, Eastern Michigan University

Monique Botha, University of Stirling

Heather Brown, University of Alberta

Karen Leneh Buckle, University of Manchester

Catherine Caldwell-Harris, Boston University

Katrine Callander, University of Kent

Amandine Catala, University of Quebec

Ana Carolina Cottington, University of Washington

Sebastian Dern, AASPIRE

Marjorie Désormeaux-Moreau, Sherbrooke University

Patrick Dwyer, UC Davis

Chris Edwards, Aspect (Australia)

Morénike Giwa Onaiwu

Aimee Grant, Swansea University

Sarah Grant, Kings College London

Juliette Gudknecht - Teachers College, Columbia University

Rachel Hallett, The Open University

Jessica Harrison, University of Southern Queensland

Kristen Harrison, University of Michigan

Susan Hayward, Deakin University

Julianne Higgins, University of New South Wales

Jac den Houting, Macquarie University

Jennifer Hunt

Rebecca Jackson

Sandra Jones, Australian Catholic University

Steven Kapp, University of Portsmouth

Marianthi Kourti, University of Birmingham

Jennifer Lowe, La Trobe University

Gilly McKeown

Tish Marrable, University of Sussex

T. A. Meridian McDonald, Vanderbilt University

Damien Milton, University of Kent

Brett Nachman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ari Ne'eman, Harvard University

Alison Nuske, University of South Australia

Gabrielle Ohlson, Carnegie Mellon University

Rebecca Poulsen, Macquarie University

Dora Raymaker, Portland State University

Penny Robinson, Monash University 

Robin Roscigno, Rutgers New Brunswick

Elinor Rowlands, Nottingham Trent University

Jackie Ryan, University of Alberta

Kelly Searsmith, University of Illinois

Abby Sesterka, Macquarie Univesity

Stephen Shore, Adelphi University

Anna Stenning, University of Leeds

Kayden Stockwell, University of Virginia

TC Waisman, Adapt Coaching and Training

Krysia Waldock, University of Kent

Nick Walker, California Institute of Integral Studies

Gemma Williams, University of Brighton

Zack Williams, Vanderbilt University

Sean Yeager, The Ohio State University

M. Remi Yergeau, University of Michigan

Alyssa Hillary Zisk, The University of Rhode Island

Autism Research by Autistic Researchers 

NOTE: When I started compiling this list (manually) there were only a few papers to list. Now they are growing exponentially (YAY!)
Any suggestions on how to automate this process so I can keep it up to date would be gratefully received!

These are papers about autism with one or more autistic (co)authors. I am sure there are many more.If you are the author of a paper that you would like to be included on this list, please contact us with the citation details.


2021 (29)

2020 (51)

2019 (29)

2018 (14)

2017 (8)

2016 (15)

2015 (6)

2014 (11)

2013 (7)

2012 (6)

2011 (5)

2010 (1)

Looking for a GREAT autism journal?

Check out Autism in Adulthood

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