I am an autistic craft nerd - sharing my love of knitting.

Call it a hobby, or a stim, or an obsession, but knitting is my happy place. 

These are patterns I have created.

You are welcome to use these patterns to make items but please do not copy my patterns (you can share them in their original form)


Auti-Craft Knitting Kits

Getting started with knitting can be tricky - knowing what yarn to buy and how much. That's why I created Auti-Craft kits; all you need to make Auti-Craft creations.

NOTE: Auti-Craft is a hobby-not a business - and my only goal is to share my love of knitting.

  • The UP-side of this is that my kits are cheap (they cost you what they cost me to put together, no profit margin)

  • The DOWN-side is that I don't have a store or distribution channel; if I am at a craft expo I will take some with me to sell 

These are not the tips and hints that you find on other knitting sites.

They are based on my experiences as an autistic knitter - focusing on sensory issues and other aspects of being a happily autistic crafter