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Auti-magination: Sharing Stories of Autistic Writers in the Yarra Ranges

What is Auti-magination?

  • An opportunity for autistic children and adults in the Yarra Ranges to come together and share their passion for creative writing; to see their work in print; and to raise community awareness of the imaginations and writing skills of autistic people.

Why Auti-magination?

  • Autistic people face systemic isolation and exclusion from Australian society. A key contributor to this is stereotypes and misperceptions surrounding autism. So many autistic people tell us hat their love of writing has not been encouraged by their schools and communities.

This project is proudly funded by

& auspiced by the Healesville Living & Learning Centre

How will Auti-magination run?

  • There will be three workshops in the first half of 2024 (Saturdays: 16 March, 20 April & 18 May)

  • Participants will write and share short stories in a supportive environment

  • A booklet of participants' stories will be printed and distributed to local schools and libraries.

Where will Auti-magination run?

  • The workshops will be held in Healesville.

Who will deliver Auti-magination?

  • The two workshop facilitators are local autistic authors: Sandra Thom-Jones (author of Growing in to Autism) and Lincoln Jones (author of Don't Fix Me, I'm Not Broken).

How can I find out more?

  • Register to attend the workshops HERE:

  • Or email us for more information


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