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About Sandra
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Professor Sandra Thom-Jones is an autistic woman, and the very proud mother of two autistic adult sons. She is an academic, author, artisan, and advocate for the inclusion of autistic people in all aspects of society. Sandra is the author of Growing in to Autism (MUP, 2022)


She is also the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research Impact at the Australian Catholic University. She provides leadership, advice and support for research engagement and impact across the university’s research areas. Sandra also leads the Autism at ACU research program, and established ACU's Autism Inclusion Program.

Prior to her current appointment Sandra was the Director of ACU's Centre for Health and Social Research (CHaSR), a research centre focused on social marketing and community-based research. Her research includes the experience of adolescence for autistic people, the impact of diagnostic labels, and the development and evaluation of social support and peer support programs.

About Alex
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Alex is Sandra's alter-ego (and younger self). She is proudly autistic and keen to educate neurotypicals about just how awesome autistics are.

Alex (original name Mimi) is a resin ball jointed doll created by the very talented doll artist Linda Macario, and we are both very grateful to Linda for allowing Alex to be the face of our autism inclusion message.


You can find out more about Linda and her dolls here: 

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