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Autistic Professor is a proudly autistic author, academic, advocate and mother - sharing her views and learning experiences as a woman on the spectrum

On this website I share my journey of (self) discovery - what I have learnt, and am learning, about myself, about autism, and about being an autistic woman in a neurotypical world. I also share articles that I have written, as well as articles and resources that I have found helpful. With the help of Alex, I post some ‘explainers’ about how autism impacts the way I see, hear and feel the world.

This is our story. Some of it may resonate with you, and some of it may not - autism is a spectrum and everyone’s experience is unique.

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The Motif in the Motives
Sandra's short story about Prof Alex Macario won the 2023 Scarlet Stiletto's Liz Navratil Award for the story with the Best Disabled Protagonist  

(anthology available here:

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